Real-time FX Trading Platform


For FX Payments businesses, adding value to the customer proposition is the big challenge, giving you a competitive edge over the mainstream banks.

Saxo Payments Banking Circle Real-time FX helps FX payments businesses achieve this goal by putting you in the driving seat. Trade foreign currency as you need it for each client, tapping into the Saxo Bank €15bn daily FX liquidity pool, and handle international transactions on your clients’ behalf.

A unique FX trading and international transaction solution

Banking Circle Real-time FX gives FX Payments businesses a banking platform that enables them to trade foreign exchange more efficiently as well as make international payments on behalf of their clients. It gives them a real competitive advantage over the mainstream banks enabling them to build new revenue streams and add value by providing international payments as an ‘add-on’ service for their customers.

Capitalising on the award-winning Saxo Bank FX trading platform, real-time competitive FX rates can be accessed from the Saxo Bank liquidity pool. And Oracle’s FLEXCUBE core banking platform, at the heart of the Saxo Payments Banking Circle, means international payments can be handled too as a streamlined process.

Banking Circle Real-time FX offers:

  • A global IBAN account infrastructure offering you a platform from which you can trade forex and make international payments
  • Competitive FX rates across 160+ currency pairs covering more than 60 countries and 25+ currency accounts
  • Low payment transaction fees
  • Available in real-time 24/7

Award-winning platform

Real-time FX is an intuitive trading platform that is fast and easy to navigate and can be accessed from any device – desktop, tablet or mobile. Orders can be placed directly in your trade ticket from a mobile or tablet and push notifications and alerts mean you can react to market movements instantly.

Sharp execution

With Real-time FX your trades have optimal accuracy and low slippage. In normal market conditions, prices marked in green in the Real-time FX platform reflect firm pricing with no re-quotes.

Risk Management

Monitor your live exposure through Real- time FX with sophisticated risk management tools that provide an overview of trading potential by displaying margin utilisation, profits/losses and more – all in real-time.

Enhancing the proposition for FX Payments Businesses

  • Compete directly with the banks – offer cross border payments and FX conversion to your clients
  • Compliant payment model with full transparency of remitter (the client) & beneficiary
  • Ease of use – the integrated trading platform enables trade at the broker’s convenience with direct settlement into the client accounts
  • Ease of reconciliation – physically separate IBANs mean reconciliation is taken care of with the beneficiary also seeing the client’s name when receiving funds
  • Improved margins – low payment transaction fees & liquidity pricing mean a broker’s cost base can be reduced significantly
  • Added value – providing the opportunity to create an additional revenue stream by extending your value chain

With Banking Circle Real-time FX, Saxo Payments is adding value to the proposition delivered by FX Payments businesses giving you and your clients significant costs savings.


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