The Saxo Payments Banking Circle enables FinTech businesses serving international markets to focus on your core activities, while extending your value chain and product offering allowing you to plug directly into the banking infrastructure.

The Saxo Payments Banking Circle provides a seamless conduit for transfers; fees are negligible and transfers – even cross border – occur instantly within the community and as next day transfers outside the community irrespective of the geographical location of the recipient.

As a Member of the Saxo Payments Banking Circle you can:

For Members key benefits include:

Be in full control of your funds

through a segregated IBAN account setup in your name from which you can make and receive payments

Add value to your proposition

working with Saxo Payments, you can extend your value chain by:

  • providing your merchants with transfer capabilities from a web-based platform in your name – powered by the Banking Circle
  • offer a one stop shop solution to your merchants for all their payments services
  • create a portfolio of payments services to attract new merchants and stop merchant attrition
  • offer merchants cross border capabilities and enable them to expand their business internationally

Save on costs

receive payments from the Card Schemes and settle to merchants or private individuals in almost any country worldwide in all major currencies at Banking Circle rates irrespective of merchant location

Pay low FX rates and minimise currency risk

through direct sourcing access to a 15B Euros daily FX liquidity pool

Automatically convert incoming payments into any currency requested

Improve efficiency

Saxo Payments maintains the correspondent banking relationships which means you won’t need to

Focus on core business

by taking care of the ‘behind the scenes’ operations including compliance and security, Saxo Payments frees up internal expertise and resource to focus on business growth


the Banking Circle runs on a state-of-the-art fully secure and compliant clouded Oracle-based banking platform

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